Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Pierre Racine

For the past twenty five years, I have chosen bronze and paper-pulp as my preferred choice in media of expression in both disciplines of sculpture and installations.

I communicate my conscious and sub-conscious thoughts through the use of the visual art, as a means to express myself in a very personal manner, relating to social, political, and cultural issues. My work, which at times is resistant to verbal translation, stems from inner emotions and convictions, as well as my extensive travels and life experiences.

It may be difficult for the observer to grasp the hidden messages in my work as it can be interpreted in many different ways. My main preoccupation with sculpture, however, is mastering the use of techniques , materials, composition, and the physical properties of form and line, for the sheer pleasure of creating strong aesthetically pleasing works of art.

The meaning behind my work can be found in the intrinsic qualities of the objects themselves, as both symbolic and virtual expressions. Using metaphors and symbols allows additional freedom to create unique objects that generate a life and existence of their own within the confines of conceptual and abstract-figurative art.

My art is the product of,ideas that communicates a strong personal message in unconventional ways. I am not influenced by any particular school of thought or movement, but remain true to my self-expression and allow the work to be judged for,itself and take its natural course of evolution and merit.


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Kim Wilson | Reply 23.07.2017 06.36

Hello Pierre...Kim and Joani wilson here...long time...beautiful sculptures...get in touch...

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23.07 | 06:36

Hello Pierre...Kim and Joani wilson here...long time...beautiful sculptures...get in touch...

20.03 | 19:05

I loved the sculptures I saw.
I met the artist.

09.04 | 22:00

Monsieur Racine
Désolé de ne pas vous être revenu en vue d'une soumission d'assur pour résid et activités arts, ai été débordé par le travail, rdv l'an prochain

07.07 | 15:42

Une série d'oeuvre qui nous relie à l'énergie brute de la terre-mère, à l'imagination primordiale de la nature. Merci Pierre.

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